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Our Sunday lunches are served every week from 12-4pm but they are popular so booking ahead is essential!

We serve Roast Beef every week and then for the second meat, we alternate between Pork and Turkey. You can have either meat or a bit of both! All come with stuffing, a Yorkshire Pudding and our delicious gravy.
On the side we serve 4 different seasonal vegetables and a bowl of cauliflower cheese.
We also offer a Vegan Nutroast.
Our roasts come in 2 sizes- normal for £16 or a small for £13.50.
If you are Gluten Free, the Yorkshire Pudding and stuffing can be changed for Gluten free varieties so you don't miss out on anything!  The rest of the roast, including the Cauliflower Cheese, is Gluten Free as standard.

We also offer Roasts to collect and takeaway.
You can have the choice of one or two meats or a nutroast. You also get all our delicious vegetables and gravy.
Takeaways are all one size for £12.50 but booking ahead is essential

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